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Why Kyle?

Hi, I’m Kyle Schlachter. I am proud to be the first directly elected Mayor of Littleton. Littleton is such an amazing place to live. We have an amazingly historic community. We are blessed with treasured architecture from Historic Main Street to the marvelous Mid-Mod Mile of Littleton Blvd. Our history doesn’t just reside in buildings. The people are the heart of our community. Littleton leaders of the past had the foresight to create one of largest urban parks in the country. Because of long-term planning like this, we are able to enjoy unique wildlife, open space, and recreational opportunities that South Platte Park offers. That is the kind of leadership needed to make our city such an amazing place.

Our neighborhoods are the perfect places for parents to raise families, for professionals to make their home base, and for retirees to enjoy the best years of their lives. Our schools are the best in the state, our restaurants are among the tastiest, and our traditions like Western Welcome Week nurture our community spirit. The people of Littleton are passionate and proud of our community, and rightfully so!

The charm and livability of Littleton didn’t just happen by chance. The Littleton we know and love took years of work and planning and the work continues. I want the next generation of Littleton residents to be as proud of their community in 50 years as we are of Littleton right now. I look forward to listening to residents of Littleton and as Mayor I will work to foster a city government that is inclusive, innovative, responsive, and collaborative - just like the people who live here.



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